How to install and what brings the update Windows 10 Creators Fall Update

Microsoft is preparing an important update for this Toman Windows 10. After Windows 10 Creators Update will follow Windows 10 Creators Fall Update. The launch event is scheduled for October 17 2017, and this update will come as a normal update via Windows Update.

From which it seems, Windows 10 is the Microsoft operating system that enjoys the most significant updates, which bring visible changes. Both graphics and options and functionality. It's a good step for Microsoft, which up to Windows 10 made weekly "security" and "stability" updates. It has been seen over time how secure they have been and how stable the systems have been after these updates. Finally, this is another discussion.

If we look at a little bit, no more than May of this year, when Creators Update was released, we can easily see Microsoft new features, features But and new standards of compatibility for applications. So it shouldn't be a surprise if after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update some applications will disappear from the system or will no longer be compatible.

Here is a "pool" list that has been published by Microsoft, with options that may appear in Windows 10 Creators Fall Update

OneDrive Files On-Demand - Possibility to view and access from Windows Explorer to OneDrive files without the need to download them to your computer / hdd.
Pin contacts to the taskbar - maintaining a contact in taskbar to start communication with a single click. A good idea, especially when we have a lot of emails to give to a group.
Drag and drop files to share - share files with contacts from taskbar, by a simple drag & drop.
touch keyboard on PC - virtual keyboard that will support handwriting, dictation and auto completion. The idea is that we can type using one hand. Mouse.
Pin your favorite websites to the taskbar - With the help of Microsoft Edge we will be able to put website shortcuts directly in taskbar, for quick one-click access.
Ransomware protections - mda. Windows Defend Antivirus will further protect your computers and laptops against ransomware viruses and other powerful viruses.
Fluent design - A new graphical interface for Home, Action Center, Microsoft Edge and applications.
Connect to iPhone/ Android - Ability to quickly send the address of a website or an Office document from your smartphone to your computer. Including from iPhone.
Story Remix - We will be able to create "story" albums with pictures and videos from the photo gallery, with the addition of 3D effects, music, themes and other effects.
Improved battery life with power throttling - Background applications will save up to 11% of the battery.
Currency converter in Calculator - Currency exchange and most likely and currency converter included in the Calculator application. It will be functional including offline. To be honest, I don't know how to update a currency exchange on a PC that is not connected to the internet. It could be something via GPS.
PDF-based forms in Microsoft Edge - PDF will be much easier to make and edit in Edge.
View Mixed Reality - 3D objects near us.
Get web search results in Cortana without opening your browser - Ability for Cortana to perform internet searches and display results on Deskto without opening Edge.
Better storage management - Setting for the download folder, so that files older than 30 days are automatically deleted. A good idea. The Download folder is often confused with Trash.
Support for 3D in Office apps - Ability to insert 3D objects in Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
Emoji 5.0 - New set of emoji icons.
Improved pen experience - The new option "find my pen" pen scrolling and more precise content selection.
New handwriting experience - new editing options for those who use calligraphic writing. By hand.
New gaming features - The game stream will be provided by Mixer and will be an increased performance in Game Mode.

Odaka came and installed this update, we can say that Windows 10 it has changed in a fairly large proportion. It remains to be seen, however, what compatibility issues will arise after this update. We hope to have as few as possible, and Microsoft to keep it that way and constantly bring improvements to the operating system. Windows.

Until Windows 10 Fall Creators Upadate will be available, Apple will launch in less than 24 hours, the newest operating system for Mac and for mobile devices iPhone, iPad si iPod touch. macOS High Sierra si iOS 11.

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