How 10.04 Ubuntu (Linux) in parallel with Windows 7. (Playing simultaneously (VirtualBox))

Since the beginning must not be misled by this tutorial. The following method does not require the installation of two systems in dual boot. Ubuntu and . Also, this tutorial applies to Ubuntu installation or using VirtualBox.

1. First we need VirtualBox. An application that helps to install virtual operating systemPerfectly functional, based on our system. 7 Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista.

References VirtualBox on Stealth Settings :

(VirtualBox to use all the Windows XP Installation Tutorial. The tutorial is done virtually on Windows 7.)

Download VirtualBox for Windows x3.2.6 86 / amd64

Download and install VirtualBox application.

2. Download Ubuntu Desktop Edition

Select what you want to download Ubuntu architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) & Start Download. (We tested on 32-bit)

Download Ubuntu Linux

3. After you have downloaded the Ubuntu distribution kit (10.04-ubuntu-desktop-i386.iso in our case), open VirtualBox and click the button "New"To create virtual computer operating system Ubuntu, then click" Next "in the next window.

new bone vb

4. Enter a name for your system in the box "Name" to "Operating System"select LinuxAnd the version "Ubuntu". Click "Next".




5. Select how much memory (RAM) you wish to assign to the new operating system and click "Next". Preferably between taking the recommended volume (512 MB) and red zone.


6. In the next window you have to create a virtual hard disk. Check the box "Boot Hard Disk"And"Create new hard disk". Next & Next in the next window.


7. Select "Dynamically Expanding Storage"And click Next. This option will not keep you busy on your hard disk virtual hard drive space. It is big and it will automatically shrink, depending on how much they need will have virtual operating system.


8. Create a New Virtual Disk. Select the location where you want to create virtual hard disk (. Vdi) and set maximum volumewhere it can reach. Option to point 7 (Dynamically Expanding Storage) Can not get over the amount you set here.


Click Next & Finish.

Up to this point we have created a virtual computer prepared for install Linux Ubuntu.


Install Ubuntu on Windows Virtual 10.04 7 with VirtualBox.

1. In VirtualBox do right click and click "Settings"The system created.


2. Click on "storage"> Select"Empty"IDE Controller, then click on the yellow icon next CD / DVD Device.


3. Click the "Add" button, then select the .iso image installation kit Ubuntu 10.04.


4. After you have added the image, select the file in CD / DVD Images then click select.


5. click OK in Ubuntu Settings.


6. Select Ubuntu in VirtualBox and click Start.

From here you should follow the standard steps Ubuntu Linux installation.


At the end of the installation you can run Ubuntu on Windows 7.


Another method to run Ubuntu Windows, the installer Wubi.

Windows Installation Tutorial Ubuntu using Wubi.


How 10.04 Ubuntu (Linux) in parallel with Windows 7. (Playing simultaneously (VirtualBox))

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