How we return the image on the display. Rotate Screen to Windows 7

Screen ResolutionRotate Display to Windows 7.
Besides setting permits softwareURLs video cards (vide cards), Windows 7 allows us to rotate / Back screenof the basic settings. It would be unpleasant to read this post on the back. That is, the image is inverted on the display. There are cases in which the image on the display was returned to 180 ° and user panic because you do not know what to do. Especially after restarting the PC, the picture does not return to normal. With the screen's return to 90 ° or 180 °'ll find that most "funny" problem is with the mouse. Function automatically switches the direction of the cursor. Extreme sports.

How can we turn the display image in Windows 7.

1. Right-click on Desktop and in the menu that opens, click on Screen Resolution / Display Settings.

screen resolution

2. In panel Resoution Screen (Change apparance of your display) At "Orientation"We have options orientation / back of the display. Landscape, Portrait, Landscape (Flipped) & Portrait (Flipped).

change the apparange of your display

Select the desired option and press Apply.


You have the 15 seconds that have to decide whether to stay or not your chosen option

Screen Resolution - Rotate Display to Windows 7.

How we return the image on the display. Rotate Screen to Windows 7

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