How can we connect with Remote Desktop at a Windows MacOS PC (Without TeamViewer)

TeamViewer It is certainly the best known client "remote"The distance between two PCs and a few months, even between Mobile Phones.
Interaction options via TeamViewer between two PCs are many, but for weaker internet connections, functional interruptions are common. Connection between two PCs through TeamViewer is done exclusively through the company's servers that own the application, and for remote management between two computers in the same local area network (LAN), TeamViewer has better alternatives.

In our scenario we use an application Microsoft Remote Desktop for MacOSTo us connect the remote on a MacBook Pro on a Lenovo laptop OS Windows 10. Computers in the same local area network. Local Area Network.

The first step is to setup Windows 10 for Remote connections Desktop. By default, for security reasons, this option is disabled on Windows 10.

How to activate the “Remode Desktop Connection ”pe Windows 10

1. Open Control Panel on Windows 10, and search box (top right), type "remote".

2. The list of options is displayed, click on "Allow remote access to your computer"

3. Under the field "Remote Desktop"Mailbox options, tick"Allow remote connections to this computer", Then the option recommended tick below it.

After making these settings, click on "Apply"And"Ok”To save the changes. Remote connections are now supported Desktop”On the PC with Windows 10.

Download, Install and Configure Microsoft Remote Desktop on macOS Sierra

We need to install Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to Windows PC from LAN.

go to App Store and searching for 'Microsoft Remote Desktop" O download and install like any other application from the App Store.

Once installed, open the app "Microsoft Remote Desktop"In Launchpad, then configure the connection for the laptop with Windows 10.

1. click 'New"To add a new connection

2. It will complete all fields with data connection:

computer name: Move the computer a name for the set of LAN connection. This name can be chosen at the pleasure of your

PC name: here either you pass the exact name of LAN of Windows PC, either directly pass LAN IP.

Gateway: Remains configured.

Credintials: pass username of Windows 10 si password related user that make the connection. In most cases, this is the account of Microsoft.

Other settings related and display resolution. You can configure them according to your system and how you want to display the remote image a Windows PC on macOS.

After you finish these settings, you are ready to connect in remote full control to Windows 10 PC on macOS.

Double-click the saved connection and wait for authentication Windows.

Here's how it looks in the screenshot of the connection to Windows 10, from macOS Sierra:

You have access to all the functions Windows, as if you had Windows 10 installed on the MacBook.

This type of connection can be useful in many situations. Whether we are a full-time user of macOS, and sometimes we need certain operations on Windows, or we have a laptop with Windows 10, whose display was broken and it can not be used (our case). :-)

How can we connect with Remote Desktop at a Windows MacOS PC (Without TeamViewer)

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  • Jag använder den analoga LiteManager för att fjärrövervaka datorn på jobbet, för Priset på licensen si märkningen van Teamviewer, som jag använder hemma. Det är trots allt bett för kommersiellt bruk och gratis hemma. Jag tror att jag inte misstar mig.

    • Ja ... är ett bra alternativ för TeamViewer. Du har rätt. The TeamViewer is the first day of the day when it comes to being a member of the team, and "misstänkt för kommersiell användning" visade mig. Tack!
      (Automatic Translated)

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