How to customize the Start in menu Windows 11 - Recently opened files, applications and folders

The first feature that stands out at Windows 11 it's new GUI. The "Start" button located on the center of the taskbar (TaskBar) and the new field for widgets in which it seems that Microsoft really wants to promote the flow of news and news from MSN. I did not find yet how to remove news feeds from Windows 11 Widgets.

If the Windows 11 Widgets have not been very successful and I honestly see them a bit useless in the current version, in terms of menu "Home"Microsoft put some customization options interesting that helps the users a lot. For example, in the "Start" menu we can add shortcuts to folders such as: Downloads, Pictures, Movies, Documents, Network (LAN), we can remove from "Start" the lists with the latest installed applications si most recently accessed files. The latter option is very useful if several people have access to the same computer, and the last one that the person who accessed it does not want someone else to see what they looked at through the computer. I know people who have asked me how to delete the history of files accessed on the PC or how I can permanently disable it the option to keep the accessed files historical. “Recommended” files in Windows 11 Start Menu.

How to customize "Start" menu in Windows 11

By default, the Start menu of Windows 11 it consists of four areas. Search bar (Search) at the top, an area for applications, one for most recently accessed files and another area at the bottom that we find system user and button Shut Down.

Windows 11 Default Start Menu

In an attempt to make the change as visible as possible, Microsoft has eliminated it Windows 11 quick access through shortcuts to user folders. Downloads, Videos, Photos, Documents, Music. If we go back in time, Windows XP had these folders by default in the Start Menu.

Fortunately, the Start menu of Windows 11 can be fully customized. We can choose which applications to appear in the menu, by a simple "Pin", to eliminate the list of the last accessed files and to bring on the lower bar of Start the quick access to the user folders.

Let's see how we can customize the Start in menu Windows 11:

  1. How to add user folders in the Start menu of Windows 11

    We go to “Settings”→“Personalisation”→“Home".

    Personalization Start

  2. Start Menu Customization Settings in Windows 11.

    On this page we have several customization options of the Start menu from Windows 11. We can choose whether or not to display the latest installed applications, the most used applications, the last open files from Windows Explorer, Start or Jump Lists. The last option in “Personalization” → “Start” is for user folders.

  3. Add user shortcuts to folders Windows 11 Start Menu

    In the section “Folders”Of the customization options we have the possibility to add on the lower bar of Start shortcuts to the user folders. All we have to do is change from "Off" to "On".

The result will be quick direct access from Start to the folders we are interested in. In addition, as can be seen in the image above, we can add a shortcut to "Settings".

Personnel Folders

I think it would have been nicer if the space occupied by "Recommended”Users could choose one, maximum two widgets of interest. Maybe something will change until the final version of Windows 11.

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