How can you effectively hide files in Windows

About all users Windows know how to hide certain files or folders. Hence everybody knows and how to find hidden files others. But what do you think can create a folder that remain hidden even when is selected Show hidden files, folders and drives? A super-hidden folder. Well, if you are tempted by the idea, here is how you can "plant" such a folder.

The first steps are similar to what you knew already: in Menu Bar (For it to be visible in Vista si Windows 7, Press Other) Click on Tools and select the menu folder Options.


Then in the tab View untick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended), Give Apply and then OK.


In each partition you will notice that the system appeared more system folders, Including $ RECYCLE.BIN (or RECYCLER, according to Windows). Copy that folder ($ RECYCLE.BIN) anywhere and rename it as you wish. In that folder put all files you want to keep Secrets.

$ Recycle.bin secret_folder

After you have ensured that you do not forget any files, follow the same steps as before, and check back option Hide protected operating system files. You will notice that secret folder disappeared, even if the option Show hidden files and folders is still selected. This is because that folder is still perceived as system protected folder.

So relieved, secrets will be guarded well. : P

How can you effectively hide files in Windows

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