How can you use a trial even after it expires [Windows Only]

most applications with great cachet "public" are generally shareware applicationsIe we have to pay to use them. But most of them are offered free - in trial versions (Tests) - prospective future clients for a limited period (usually between 1 and 30 days).

Normally, after an application and test it with us fall thumpShould be willing to pay to use it for a longer period - often equivalent to "a life time" - regardless of its price. But as we all know, there are dozens of Useful applications or even indispensable that we would like to develop "relationships" long (obviously, until they appear more Younger si Smarter). And considering this, sometimes we have to thank only Trial versions.

As I said, the great defect of the trial version is that after a relatively short period they expire. And after expire, the majority can not be used. End of story ... or. Because there are no two methods that can lengthen the life of trialsIf you know how to "behave" with them:

1. Never tell the exact date.

When you install a trial begins countdown. But this count is based strictly on date on which it was installed trial version. If "stop" time, stop and countdown default.

  • Time Stopper (download link) is a program small that will help frozen During the trial versions of your favorite applications without affecting operating system date and time (For this time will flow normal). The only possible complaint could be that you have to open the Time Stopper each time you want to use trial and that it is full of ads (recording side seems to be - currently - a great impaled)
  • If you do not like the idea of ​​using a software Time Stopper kind to address the expiration of the trial version, you can simply solve this problem, manually modifying the operating system date and timeSo as to trick the application that are still present during the trial. A drawback would be here: you risk yourself completely confused and forget real time.

2. Do you believe that you have not visited before.

As was installed, Trial versions can also be uninstalled and then reinstalled and used further. Only to use them again should remove all traces of their presence prior in your computer. How? Follow the steps:

  • first uninstall trial and yes to restart your PC
  • UAC disables the to make the necessary adjustments
  • folder browsing C: WindowsUsers [user-name] AppDataRoaming (where [User-name] is your user name) or talking % APPDATA% in Windows Explorer (For XP go to the folder C: Documents and Settings [user name] AppData)
  • identifies folder with the same name as the application trial (Or company name manufacturer) and then delete it (Preferably with Shift + Del)
  • open registry Editor (Run-> regedit) And navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareThen identify trial application folder and delete it
  • repeat HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE (If you can not find any folder named Demo application or manufacturing company, do not make any changes), then close Registry Editor and restart PC again
  • reinstall trial / trials and repeat the steps above when he / they expire again.

Note: Before making changes to the operating system / registry, make sure that you have made a backup of it / them to avoid any unpleasant consequences.

How can you use a trial even after it expires [Windows Only]

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