How to find out when you die and when to install Windows XP 64-Bit [Master Tutorial]

Before you install Windows XP on 64-bitShould keep in mind a few essential things.

1. Have a CD or installation kit al Windows XP NONE bits and a computer capable of supporting this operating system.

2. You must know you die. Not another, but you will wake up in the situation of installing Windows XP without being able to use it for too long.
In this case, before you get to the operating system check date and time that you die . Eventually will put a reminder on your phone, not to exceed the time limit. Risk to get parliamentary or president in Romania.

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"The day of your death"After that "Download in English Windows Xp 64 Bit". :-))

Website longevitycal.comWho says you can find the nearest day when you give coltu 'It is a made for fools who have nothing to do with money. Will complete a test at the end which tells you result is disturbing.


Will send some SMS with surcharge (Apparently the fee is 0.05 euros but the total reach 3 euros) As to send the result (I think it sends).

Regulation for dead

Payment methods and rates:
a) Paypal 0,05 EUR , Entitled "Consultations"
b) by a SMS service published the text sent to the number 1263 , The net cost is 3,00 EUR Code available 48 hours. 2 be sent SMS can be sent to maximum 1 sms within minutes 20.
5. We are not responsible for the lack of this regulation, the prices of their services and financial possibilities. User is not entitled to a refund of the cost of the access code.

If you fancy such tests, we offer a free version. The Death Clock - When Am I Going To Die?.

The Death Clock were more "generous" with me. :)


Tic - Tac ...

15.10.1981 – 16.04.2063 .

How to find out when you die and when to install Windows XP 64-Bit [Master Tutorial]

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