How to change the Mac of a LAN network card (Windows 7, View & Windows XP)

It is not just advisable to change MacThe (Physical Address) of NIC, but if you have to do it, read on :)
I needed to change my Mac so that ISPI give the "net mac" and you get another computer in the house I can not connect to the Internet if not put Mac is enrolled in provider. By some parts of the country, RDS make schemes like this :)

How can we change the network card mac (LAN)

First you should note Mac actual network card that is going to make the change. Open Command Prompt (Run -> cmd & enter) and write "getmac".


Characters in "Physical Address"Mac is. (Eg 00-F2-56-B3-00-B3)

2. go to Network Connections and InternetNetwork and right-click "Local Area Connecton"-> Click"Properties".

LAN properties

3. Click "Configure"


4. The list "Property"In tab"Advanced"Select Network Address, then check the box under Value.


5. Click "OK". Mac network card changed.

The screenshots above were made on Windows 7, but in the same way you can change the mac on si .

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How to change the Mac of a LAN network card (Windows 7, View & Windows XP)

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