How you can save more space on the HDD with NTFS Compression

If you lack hard-disk space (Or hard disks ...), you can not give up any files and objective reasons you can not keep on CDs or external hard drives (although we recommend keeping the files in this way), a solution is at hand NTFS Compression, Option available in Windows.

Note: Before using this method will warn you that It is risky to compress data on your system partition! publishers does not assume any liability for unpleasant consequences that might arise from using this method.

1. Save space on your hard compressing folders / files individually.

  • right click on the folder or file you want to compress and select Properties
  • in open dialogue click on Advanced (bottom right)
  • tick Compress contents to save disk space
properties compress

  • click OK. Then you have to confirm you want to apply changes including subfolders and files contained. confirm_changes

2. Save space on your hard compressing an entire partition

is recommended compression of individual foldersBut if you want to compress an entire partition, follow the same steps in point 1:

  • open computer and right click on the drive you wish to compress, then select Properties
  • tick Compress this drive to save disk space


  • click OK.

Note: Encrypted files can not be compressed! Some files can compress better than others, depending on the format.

How you can save more space on the HDD with NTFS Compression

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