How can we access a hard drive HFS Plus (formatted for MacOS) on Windows

MacOS si Windows are two different operating systems, which can not be compared. Despite the comments on the forums and discussions on eternity comparisons between these two operating systems, each has its strengths and taught elements that make it different.

Even if both operating systems are almost the same operation, there is no compatibility between them. Neither regarding the applications or system files and does not resemble any formatted hard drive in the system MacOS will not be supported by default on Windows.

In the past, we have shown how can macOS / OS X data be copied to a NTFS-formatted hard disk for Windows. It needed the application Tux NTFSinstalled on MacOS order to do so. I wrote an article here about how to copy files on MacOS on a NTFS hard.
With the launch of MacOS Sierra, the Tuxera application has not helped us a while to do so. Being compatible with the new MacOS operating system, the solution was to format external macos format hard disks and find a solution to access Windows PCs. It is known that a macOS hard drive can not be accessed at all by Windows. Once connected via USB, it does not even appear as a connected drive.

How we can access and transfer data from Windows PC to a hard drive formatted for Mac OS - Mac OS Extended (Journaled) /HFS PlusorHFS +

The easiest and simplest solution is to install application Paragon HFS + for Windows. This application allows us to access and transfer data in both directions from a formatted hard drive or USB stickHFS Plus (HFS +).

In the following video presentation will be shown functioning mechanism of this application:

The app is not free, it costs about $ 20, but for who owns a Mac and a Windows PC, as it may be useful. Get rid of the actual problem of compatibility between hard drives formatted for the Mac OS and Windows PC.

HFS + for Windows 11 -Full access to Mac HFS + file system under Windows!

Download link:

This format, HFS Plus (HFS +) is a file system developed by AppleIt is less limited in terms of storage capacity. HFS is the name used by developers, users are presented as Mac OS Extended.

How can we access a hard drive HFS Plus (formatted for MacOS) on Windows

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