How we can activate Ctrl+ V to give Easter in Command Prompt

Most users who were accustomed to use the keyboard shortcuts to give Copy / Paste considered as an irritant that can not use Ctrl+V and in Command PromptBut you really need to use the mouse. But the problem can be solved simply with a free applications, namely AutoHotkey.

To be able to activate Ctrl+ V in Command PromptNeed to create a AutoHotkey script you can add the :

# IfWinActive ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass
^ V ::
SendInput {Raw}% clipboard%
# IfWinActive

This script sends it in comfort function through SendInputAnd solve eternal problem Ctrl+V vs ^V.

ctrl-cmd ctrl-v

If you feel comfortable to use third-party applications work to make various shortcuts in Command Prompt/WindowsThen have a alternative to Ctrl+ V for Command Prompt not require a script, just something extra keys, press row:

  • type combination Alt + Space
  • tap E
  • tap P


This key combination can save by using mouse to give Easter in command Prompt, and once you get used to it you won't find it weird to use a different combination of keys for a single application while for the rest Windowsyou will continue to use Ctrl+ V…: D

How we can activate Ctrl+ V to give Easter in Command Prompt

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