How to add custom folders in Home in Windows 10 File Explorer

One of the novelties included Microsoft in Windows 10 it is also HomeFolder default the opening File Explorer (In Windows 7, Windows Explorer display Libraries By default, and in Windows 8, this PC). Folder Home from Windows 10 displays, in addition to folders Favorite (Ie the set as favorites system), and recently accessed folders and files of users. While some users prefer to change default folder the File Explorer in Home in This PC / ComputerAnd others prefer to display system partitions in Home, There are users who would prefer to add the Home custom foldersFor a quicker access to them.


How to add your favorite folders in File Explorer Home in Windows 10?

Luckily for those who want to add custom folders in HomeMicrosoft has made this possible without requiring the use of third-party applications or Registry modifications. To add a preferred folder in Home site in File Explorer follow the instructions below:

  • navigate to partition or folder that contains folder you want to add to Home
  • then let right-click on the folder and select the menu display options Pin to Home


  • also using this option (Pin to Home) Can add more folders in the Home while; you just need to select all the folders that you want to fix (pine) In Home and then select the option from the right-click menu (Note however that you can not add more than ten custom folders in Home)

multiple-pin-to-home folders

If later you want to Hide in Home one custom folders added, you just need to right click on it and select the option Unpin from Home. If you want to know how you can disable the display of recently accessed folders and files in the folder in File Explorer HomeFollow the instructions for here.

Note: Although the Home folder also displays recently accessed files, Windows 10 does not support adding / fixing custom files in it, but only folders.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to pin custom folders in File Explorer Home in Windows 10

How to add custom folders in Home in Windows 10 File Explorer

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