How can add any application menu, right-click the Windows

If you have some applications You used to use them quite often in Windows and you want to have fast access offer at any time, one method would be to add a shortcut for them in right-click menu (context Menu) on desktop. Such will not be cluttering up your desktop or Start menu with icons such applications, but you can access them quickly with just a few clicks of the mouse. For example, if one of the applications is accessed very often Paint (Valid for any other application installed in Windows), You can add a shortcut in right-click menu on the desktop using a simple Registry hack.


How to add shortcuts to any application installed in Windows right-click menu of the Desktop?

  • open registry Editor (type: regedit in Run and give Enter)
  • then navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ Background \ shell
  • on the left, under the key shell Create a new key to which you give application name you want to add in Context Menu (in this case Paint)


  • then, again under the newly created key (ex. Paint), Create a new key to whom you give the name command


  • under commandOn the right side, change the value of coming String Default in path to application (path) That you want to visit from the menu by right-clicking (in this case, involving application Paint, Give entry Default the amount C: \ Windows \ System32 \ mspaint.exe)


After you make these Registry changes, Go on desktop and open the right-click menu. You will notice a new entry in it with application name that you wanted to add it to the menu (click on that entry to access the application).

Note: Changing Registry System will take effect immediately without requiring a system restart. Before making any changes in the registry, make a backup of their system restore point or to avoid possible consequences (eg faulty functioning of the system or application installed in it).

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to add shortcuts for any application in Windows Context Menu

How can add any application menu, right-click the Windows

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