How to bring the Start Menu back to Windows 8 without using third-party applications

Even though most users who have chosen to upgrade la Windows 8 were accustomed to The Start ScreenAnd even some of them even started to like to use it, are still those who feel still lack button and Menu Start. Although in recent months appeared various applications (Eg Start8 si Classic Shell) That do a pretty good job (sometimes less quality) in an attempt to bring back Start the Menu in Windows 8, There are users who are reluctant to use such applications and would prefer to use both The Start Screen as well as a Start Menu enabling them to launch programs installed directly from Desktop.

Start Screen

If neither you do not like to resort to using various applications to be customize the operating system but you want a Start Menu (Or at least something like it), you can easily solve this by following the instructions below.

How to add a Start Menu to Windows 8 without calling on third-party applications

  • right click on Taskbar, select Toolbarsthen New Toolbar

New toolbar

  • in the field of law Folder Type the following line (or give copy / paste) C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \Windows\ Start Menu \ Programs


  • then click on Select Folder

And ready. You will be able to access new Start Menu (Called Programs in this case) by clicking on double arrow located to the right of Taskbaracquis (Opens a list with all programs installed on your computer).


If you would like Programs menu disappear from Taskbar, Right click on it, select Toolbars and uncheck Programs.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to bring back Start Menu in Windows 8 without using third-party applications

How to bring the Start Menu back to Windows 8 without using third-party applications

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