How can we display the license code of Windows 8

Unlike computers come bundled with Windows 7 or systems Windows previous, Computers that have Windows DO NOT preinstall not displayed license code its on the housing. The reason is that the manufacturers of computers with Windows 8 pre-installed included the license code (product key) in BIOS their not needing to re-code each time reinstall system. But in some circumsante, users will want to find the code (for reinstall the system on another computer or various other reasons).

How can we display the license code of Windows 8?

Users who want to know system license code Windows 8 came bundled with the new computer bought, they provide more applications that identifies and displays the code.

One of these applications is Belarc AdvisorWhich among other information supplied system, displays and used to activate the license code thereof.


Download Belarc Advisor.

But if you want an application that strictly display only the system license code Windows, Try Windows 8 Product Key ViewerAvailable to download on My Digital Life Forums.

application does not require installation (Is portable) and license to view the code, your first have to check KEY MSDM. To copy code, click on the button Copy found in his right.

8 windows-product-key-viewer

Download in English Windows 8 Product Key Viewer.

Notes: To download Windows 8 Product Key Viewer, you need to create an account on the My Digital Life forum. The application is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Sight yes Windows XP.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to display Windows 8 product key

How can we display the license code of Windows 8

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