How can we find exact location (path) of a file or folder in Mac OS X

Regardless OS used when working with certain files or folders need to know exact location (path) Thereof. If you are using Poppy and you need to know path to the files / folders you work, you can do that simply by using FinderUsing one of methods below.

1. Enabling Path Bar

  • open FinderThen click on View> Show Path Bar


2. Get Info menu

  • open Finder and go to File> Get Info


  • the right attribute Where menu is displayed path to file


3. Go to Folder option

  • open Finder and go to Go> Go to Folder


  • then pull (Drag & drop) file or folder over the open window to display path (path) To it (make sure that a Previous entry to another file / folder is Deleted)


4. Through Terminal

  • open Terminal and pull (drag & drop) File / folder over it to display location that file / folder


Following any of the methods described above can be path by (location) a file / folder pe Mac you.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to find the path of a file / folder on Mac

How can we find exact location (path) of a file or folder in Mac OS X

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