How can we hide and restore updatesystem in Windows

Updatesystem They are very important security si functioning in an optimal system Windows, which is why they should be installed periodically. But among these are updatewhich are not necessarily necessary, and which some users Windows do not want to install them (such as updatefor language packs).

If you and your various update-hate Windows you do not want to install and you want to hide so as not to get in the way of them every time you check that they have been released updatenew ones, you can do this by following the instructions below:

  • open Windows Update (Control Panel> System Security> Windows UpdateOr type windows update in Start Menu or Start Screen)
  • then let right click pe updatethe one you want to hide and select Hide Update displayed menu (if you want to hide more update-hate at the same time, you can select them using the key Ctrl or Shift)

If you later change your mind and want to install certain updatesystem You have hidden to view si restore those updateFollow the instructions below:

  • open Windows Update and click on the link Restore Hidden Updates displayed in the left pane
  • then, in list updatehidden, select updatethe ones you want to restore and click on the button Restore

And that's it. Following the steps above, you hide updatesystem that are not needed or you can restore certain updatehidden that you later want to install. Success!

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to hide and restore system updates in Windows

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