How can we block access to settings Taskbarin Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1

When the computer our Windows have access to other people (family, friends, colleagues), probably do not want that they can make changes configured settings The new system. In this context, they surely do not want to change settings certain utilities or Feature LinksSuch as, for example, TaskbarCPC. Suppose we prefer to show TaskbarCPC the left or right side of DesktopacquisOr at the top thereof, or (as set by default), At the bottom. Suppose you prefer Emoticons on Taskbar size to be smaller or larger size, suppose we prefer to show or hide Button labels on TaskbarThat prefer to display windows combined in groups, or displayed on everything TaskbarCPC. And most importantly, suppose we don't want other people to set (Pine) applications we in Taskbar, or remove from applications already fixed on it (and the examples could continue with the area of NotificationsMenu or screen Home, toolbars etc.). How can we restrict access others on settings / properties Taskbaracquis?

To block other users from accessing the settings Taskbaracquis in Windows 7 si Windows 8 we have two solutions:

1. Lock settings Taskbarusing system registers

  • open registry Editor (open Run using the key combination Windows + R, type regedit and give Enter)
  • navigate to key site KEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \Windows\ CurrentVersion \ Policies \Explorer (Where in Policies The key there Explorer, Then make your right-click on Policies and selecting New> Key menu displayed)
  • under ExplorerIn the right pane, create the DWORD entry TaskbarLockAll (If not already), then give the value 1 (Value 0 unlocks settings for Taskbar)
  • then exit the regedit si restartyou have the system for changes made to take effect

2. Lock settings Taskbarusing the Group Policy Editor

  • open Group Policy Editor (type: gpedit.msc in Run and give Enter) And navigate to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar
  • identify the entry in the right pane Lock all taskbar settings (Not to be confused with entry Lock the taskbar) And double click on it
  • in the settings dialog, select EnabledThen click on Apply si OK

If you wish to return to the settings default but by Taskbaracquis (Or you can access the new settings / properties thereof), in registry Editor change the amount TaskbarLockAll from 1 in 0 (or remove entry altogether), and in Group Policy Editor change settings Lock all taskbar settings from Enabled in Disabled or not Configured.

Note: Before making changes to system registries, make a backup of them. It is also recommended that you create a restore point before changing the settings default of the system in the Group Policy Editor

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to block access to Taskbar Settings in Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1

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