I do not think there is at least one user Facebook which is not irritated by any feature and various activities that intmpla on this Social NetworkingAnd yet, now, Facebook has over 800 million active users. Among the most irritating things on Facebook, occupy leading position invitations out of the blue to record in different applications or games (The internet is full of meme sites referring to), users with large numbers of friends managed to colectionze even dozens of guests every day.

If you and your friends list at least one contact who sends all such invitations (range request, app request, gift request etc.) you want to block them without having to give Unfriend it, then follow the instructions below.

How to block or ignore invitations for various games and applications on Facebook?

One way to ignore invitations for games on Facebook is to click on the sign of x which is displayed in the top right corner of Notifications you move the mouse over it deasura, then click on the Turn Off.

Thus make sure you will not receive without notifying for invitations come in contact with game.

If you'd like to block all invitations for certain games, then go to HomeThen in the left sidebar click the Apps> Games.

At the top of the open window, click on the tab ActivityThen on Invites.

To block invitations for a game or application, click either the link Ignore All the right of such invitations, either X the right button Accept.

Using the first method you can block all invitations for a specific applicationBut using the second method will also ensure that you will not receive any invitation for any game or application from the user.

How to block invitations for all games and applications on Facebook?

If you are sure not wish to receive any invitation for any game or application in Facebook, We have good news for you all well hidden Although this option allows users to Facebook completely disable this feature: Click down arrow in the upper right corner of the Facebook page, then select Settings> Apps.

In the opened window click on the Edit in section Apps, Websites and PluginsThen click on Disable Platform.

And ready! In this way, you will not receive any invitation for any game or application in Facebook.

Note: If you choose to disable the platform Apps, Websites and Plugins, and note that you will not be able to use your Facebook account to login on different websites or applications.

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