How can we block the running of a program in Windows without using third-party applications

If you have installed in your system Windows some programs you do not want that other computer users can run them, most likely you will want to block access respective users thereof. To block access to a program installed in Windows have on hand several methods, the simplest of which is to change The installation directory thereof, and then hide location respectively (in mod default, installation location an applications is Program FilesWhere anyone who knows how to look hidden files can find). You can also use various third-party applications that can block running those programs, such as Simple Run Blocker. But if you do not want to depend on other applications to block the running of a program in WindowsAnd do not trust that it would work location change, you can block access to the program directly from system following the instructions below.

How to block access to a program installed in Windows directly from the system?

  • open registry Editor (type: regedit in Run and give Enter)
  • then navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \Windows\ CurrentVersion \ Policies \Explorer
  • under ExplorerOn the right side, create DWORD entry DisallowRun whom you give value 1
  • then right click on the key Explorer (Left) and create the subkey DisallowRun (Select New> Key)
  • under DisallowRunOn the right, creating String input for everyone program you wish to block access other users (for example, VLC Player), Which you will change the amount in exactly name these programs, including extension thereof (e.g., vlc.exe). To view the correct name of a program installed in Windows, Right click on shortcut icon its and select PropertiesThen check the line Target (Also, you can find correct name of the program from installation location it)

After you make the necessary changes in Registry to block running programs that do not want other users to access your computer Exit Registry Editor and give restart the system for those changes to take effect. After restart you will notice that if you try to run one of the programs to which you have blocked access, the following will be displayed error message:



Notes: If you want to be able to run a program that you have blocked access to again using the method above, simply delete the corresponding String entry and restartyou have the computer. Before making any changes to the system registers, back them up or create a restore point to avoid any unpleasant consequences (for example, the malfunction of the system or the programs installed on it).

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to block any program installand in Windows from running without using third-party apps

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