How can we create a backup image of the system in Windows 8.1

With the launch OS Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced a new backup method namely System System ImageIt includes all system files si drivers necessary starting and running the operating system. The image can then be used for a quick reinstall a WindowscommunityWithout the users to go through all reinstallation procedure (Thus, drivers, programs installed si System updates will be restored backup image).

Although System Image backup is available in both Windows 7 and in Windows 8, in Windows 8.1 Microsoft has dropped this feature. If you still want to create a backup image of the system Windows 8.1There is a method that makes this possible through Command Promptacquis or Windows Power shell

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How to create a system backup image (System Image Backup) in Windows 8.1?

  • connect a USB device (Recommended External HDD) the computer and make sure you have this one enough space that backup image to take place on it (in case you Windows 8.1 installed in dual-boot with another operating system, you may need a little more space on the external, because both partitions will be included in the backup system)
  • open Command Prompt or Windows Power shell cu Administrator privileges (Use the Power / Win + X) And type the following command:
    • wbAdmin start backup -backupTarget: H: –includes: C: -allCritical –quiet    (where H is an external device that you want to save the backup, and C is partition is installed Windows 8.1 )

Create-System-Image-Backup-inWindows8.1 th

  • then wait for the message The backup operation completed Successfully. to be displayed (the process of creating the backup can last from several minutes to several hours, depending on how much data will contain)

Backup completed

And ready. In this way you can create backup images of the operating system in Windows 8.1. Success!

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How can we create a backup image of the system in Windows 8.1

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