How to create a virtual hard drive in Windows 7 and Windows 8

With the launch Windows 7, Microsoft introduced in OS Windows a new feature, Namely the ability to create virtual hard diskThat users can use to store si hide different files. In practice, a virtual disk is a VHD file format that users Windows it can be installed on a server and use it as a Physical hard drive (Which may contain partitions, folders si files). If for whatever reason you want to create and your a virtual hard drive (Eg, creating a VHD provides a simple and very safe to hide files you want to keep private) on your system WindowsYou can do this by following the instructions below.

How to create a virtual hard disk in Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1?

Before creating a virtual hard drive, Make sure that have enough free space the physical HDD for it (create a virtual hard disk does not add extra storage space systemBut occupies space physical HDD). Minimum Size of a virtual disk is 3 MB.

  • open computer Management (Right-click on My Computer and select Manage or type diskmgmt.msc in Run and give Enter), Then click on disk Management (In the list on the left)
  • at the top of the window, click on ACTION (Near File) And select Create VHD menu displayed


  • then select location where you want to create virtual hard disk (under Location click Browse), Choose size for it (dard virtual disk size), Select format preferred (VHD or VHDX; HAD VHDX recommended for virtual disks larger sizes 2040 GB) and type of virtual hard disk (Size fix or dinamica; if you intend to use that virtual hard drive to store more files in the future, select Dinamically expanding to ensure that it does not run out of space. Remember though, the more space the virtual HDD increases, decreases physical space on the hard drive that contains virtual HDD)


  • After creating the virtual hard disk, it will be displayed in disk Management ca unallocated space; click on the title and select the virtual disk Initialize Disk menu, then in the displayed dialog, leave MBR selected and click OK

initialize disk

  • after initializing the disk to use the new virtual hard drive, it will be configured volume and must be assigned a letter; right click on the newly created virtual disk and select New Simple Volume


  • then click on Next and select space you want to use it to drive


  • give again click on Next si Select a letter the disk (not already used)


  • click on NextThen select The format the new disk (recommended NTFS) And give a name virtual hard disk
  • finally, click on NextThen click on Finish to finish creating the virtual hard disk (it will be displayed both in disk ManagementAnd in My Computer)


Note! Virtual hard disk system will be attached only current session. After rebootAny VDH files attached thereto shall be reattached to be accessed (to attach a virtual hard disk to the system, Go disk Management, Click on ACTION and select Attach VHD).

Note: Virtual Hard disks may be used including oeprare install these systems.

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How to create a virtual hard drive in Windows 7 and Windows 8

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