How to quickly open files and folders in Windows Explorer

Most users Windows use Windows Explorer to navigate the system. This method navigation users is at hand, but not always, and the fastEspecially when it is necessary to open a file found in a folder well hidden on one of the partitions (basically, if you want to open a particular file that is stored in a subfolder of a subfolder of a subfolder of a folder etc., will be open on all these subfolders to get to the file). But if you know exactly as file called and we know that that is the way (path) To it (name directories that should open up the file is reached), users can access the file much faster.

How to quickly open a folder or file in Windows Explorer?

To quickly open a folder or file in Windows Explorer the user must know that if you type in certain characters (eg name of a folder or file) in quick successionWill navigate directly to the first folder whose name matches the string characters typed. Basically, the user must start typing the name of the folder that you want to open it, then give Enter to access it.

Once you open that folder, if you want to access a file containing it, should be typed first characters from filename (or full name, if the first characters match multiple files) and then press Enter. For example, if you want to open a program in the folder Program FilesInstead of open Windows Explorer > computer > C: > Program Files and then to Locate the folder it is installed and then open it to locate and open the turn program desired, simply open Windows Explorer (Assuming it opens directly into computer; if not, click on computer in the left pane), type the first letters of the partition C: (e.g Win if it is called Windowsor localIf you kept the name Local Disk), Then quickly tap pro and give Enter (If folsositi version Windows the architecture 64-bit and want to open a program installed in Program Files (x86), type prothen down arrow and give Enter). Then type the first letters of the folder name that contains the program you want to open and give Enter again. This way you will get much faster in the foler that contains the desired program than if you were navigating normally in Windows Explorer.

Once in the program's installation folder or click on it to open or type the first few characters of the name and give Enter (to follow the same method that brought you to that folder).

The only minus in this method is that need to know the exact names of folders and files you want to open them using the keyboard. But if you use often such programs / folders, this definitely will not be a problem.

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How to quickly open files and folders in Windows Explorer

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