How can we disable the upgrade notification at Windows 10 in Windows 7 and Windows 8

For several days, forcing upgrade old Microsoft operating systems Windows 7 si Windows 8 the new Windows 10. It would not have been abnormal or annoying if this upgrade had come as "optional" as it was launched last summer.
A few days ago I wrote about the automatic installation of the upgrade to Windows 10, without the consent of the users, and we gave a solution to help block this automatic upgrade. Microsoft has changed the status of the upgrade from "optional" to "recommended", which means that it can be installed in the background without prior acceptance.

How can we block the installation / upgrade automatically from Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10

Users who blocked this upgrade, they are still stressed at every system startup (we are talking about here Windows 7 and Windows 8), with the "invitation" to upgrade immediately to Windows 10, or the ability to schedule it for another time or date. Eventually at night.


Besides this message appears every time the computer screen, in systray (in the lower right corner where the clock is), appear notifications and logo Windows 10, Inviting periodically upgrade.

How can we block the upgrade notification at Windows 10 and removing the logo Windows 10 from System Tray

Responsible for these notifications is the update KB3035583Which can be locked and easily uninstalled by anyone who wants to get rid of this notice.

open Command Prompt (CMD) with Administrator privileges, then write the command line:

WUSA / uninstall / KB: 3035583


We wait until the update KB: 3035583 is found, then click the Yes button from the dialog box.


When the uninstallation of KB update is completed: 3035583, restartyou have the computer. After booting, the upgrade message to Windows 10 it will not appear again. Neither on screen nor systray notification.

Off Windows 10 Upgrade in Windows 7 / Windows 8

How can we disable the upgrade notification at Windows 10 in Windows 7 and Windows 8

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