How can we disable the driver signature verification in 64 bit versions of Windowsacquis

versions 64 bit Operating system Windows do not allow installing and running unsigned drivers. While this restriction improves security those systems in certain situations can be a problem, given that many peripheral (Ex. Printers) or devices we want to connect them to computers come bundled with unsigned drivers. In such cases, the only solution to install these drivers it is to disable signature verification their thing you can do one of the following methods below.

How can we install unsigned drivers in 64 bit versions of the system Windows?

1. Windows 7 Boot Options

  • if you are using Windows 7You can disable restriction for installing unsigned drivers pressing the down button F8 during booting system until the screen is displayed Advanced Boot Options
  • then, in that screen, select Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

win7-boot options

There is also a minus regarding this method: you have to follow the steps above every time you boot into Windows, or drivers unsigned, even if they are already installed in the system, will not be loadedAnd applications or devices that use those drivers will not work (at least not correctly)

2. Windows 8 Startup Settings

  • if you are Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, access Advanced startup (Change PC settings > Update & Recovery> Recovery)


  • then click on Troubleshoot> Advanced options> Startup Settings > Restart


  • when the screen Startup Settings is displayed, press F7 (Key of the option Disable driver signature enforcement)


  • system will automatically restartAnd after restart you can installing unsigned drivers needed

3. bcdedit command

  • open Command Prompt with privileges administrator (type: cmd in Start Menu or Start ScreenThen right-click and select result Run as administrator)
  • type the command bcdedit / set nointegritychecks ON and give Enterthen restart your computer to install unsigned drivers


  • To later reactivated restriction regarding unsigned drivers, all in Command Prompt (Or even directly in Run), Type the command bcdedit / set nointegritychecks OFF and give Enter

enable driver-signature check

4. Group Policy Editor Settings

  • open Group Policy Editor (type: gpedit.msc in Start Menu, Start Screen or Run) And navigate to User Configuration> Administrative Templates> System > Driver Installation
  • on the right, double-click (or right-click> Edit) On the input Code signing for device drivers


  • in window settings open select EnabledThen select ignore from the drop down menu below Options (When Windows detects a driver file without a digital signature) And click on OK


whatever method choose from the above, after using it, you should be able installing unsigned drivers without any problem. Success!

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to disable driver signature verification in Windows 64-bit versions

How can we disable the driver signature verification in 64 bit versions of Windowsacquis

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