How can disable WiFi router and use your own router UPC

UPC is one of the largest providers Internet, television si telephony from Romania. The infrastructure is quite good and Internet speed It is enough for any user.
I do not know exactly what equipment using other ISPsTV and telecom, but the UPC that we've tested so far have been very good.
For internet and telephony, UPC installs either modesimple dies, from which the user can connect own wireless router (WiFi) or modedie with wireless router.
Latest UPC equipment this modemul Wi-FiCONNECT BOX. This modem Wi-Fi ensures a wireless speed up to 500 Mbps, stability de connection and covering pretty good in an apartment. Set the standard Wi-Fi 802.11ac si 2,4 and 5 GHz dual GHz band. Nothing new compared routers home user market.

Connect Box UPC
Connect Box UPC

The upside is that this Connect Box is provided free of UPC subscriptions offer. UPC so that a subscriber does not have to make an extra expense of buying a router.

If we have already bought a high-performance wireless router that we want to use instead of the one from UPC, we must configure the latter and disable its router function. Let's just let it run as simple modem.
Since at UPC they come through the same cable: television, telephony and internet, the use of one modem is mandatory. Therefore, we will have in the socket both the Connect Box and the wireless router that we want to use at home or in the office.

Here are the steps I need to go through to configure their router on UPC via Connect Box modem Wi-Fi

1. First of all, we must have both in the socket modethe Connect Box and the Wi-Fi router.
2. We make sure that the UPC coaxial cable (RG-6) is connected to the Connect Box, that we have a wireless signal from it and a laptop or PC connected to the network. Either via Wi-Fi or directly via the internet cable received in the router's package. We watch on the front panel of the Connect Box for the wireless and internet sign to be lit in green.
3. Once connected to the Connect Box, access from the Internet browser (Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox or IE) address: In the web interface that opens, we authenticate using the password provided with the package modemule.
4. On the settings page, go to the menu on the left at "Modem Mode“, Where we tick the option: Enable Modem Mode.

Modem Mode Connect Box

5. Apply Changes to save the changes. As soon as you save this change, you will be logged out modemul Connect Box, and its wireless network will be disabled.
6. Connect router to connect your Box using an ethernet cable. One end of the cable into one of the ports of exit Connect Box (4 the yellow port) and the other end into the port of entry of your wireless router

The wireless router you want to use it will be set for the type of connection DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

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  1. Hello,
    Connect to the Internet Connect Box using the cable box or the one used between the router and the router Connect your Box. Gotta check out the router's IP Connect Box and change the setting.

  2. At the router do you connect the cable to the WAN port or to one in the LAN? on WAN I tried because the connectbox uses IPv6, I connected the router to WAN, I activated IPv6 DHCP but it doesn't work I don't know what IPv6 values ​​I have to enter in the router.

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