How can uninstall the pre-installed applications on an Android phone without root

Smartphones cu Android come bundled with a number preinstalled applications, Such as Facebook, E-Mail or various games si applications news, Most of which differ depending on the brand / manufacturer phone. While some of these applications may be of interest to some users (Facebook or Samsung Apps, For example), most taking up space unnecessarily and can not be removed until after rootarea smartphones. But if we want to root your phone (for various reasons, such as avoiding loss of warranty), but still want to get rid of pre-installed applications that are not interested?

How do I uninstall apps in Android without root access preinstallation

  • download next archive on XDA Desktop


  • open archives with WinRAR or 7zip (not unzip!)
  • in WinRAR, navigate to META-INF \ com \ Google \ android, Extract updater-script Desktop and open it with Notepad + + (Free download here)


  • delete all lines delete from under ui_print ("Useless app removal system")Then add lines delete for programs you want to uninstall. For example, if you want to uninstall Email, Add the line (second only when the system is Odex)

delete ("/ system / app / Email.apk");

delete ("/ system / app / Email.odex");


  • save the file updater-script modified and copy it (drag & drop) Back META-INF \ com \ Google \ android in Winrar (to update
  • android connect to the computer via USB cable and copy the archive modified in root folder the SD card's
  • disconnect the phone from the computer, shut it down and restart it in Recovery Mode (For example, Galaxy S2 combination to put the phone in recovery mode is Volume UP + Power + HomeAll pressed at the same time)
  • select Apply update from sd card buttons for volume (for navigation) and Power (for selection), then select
  • restart the phone using option Reboot system now Recovery menu

And ready. Preinstalled applications (only those for which you have written delete lines the archive Will be deleted from the system.

Note: Tutorial compatible with Galaxy S2, S3 Galaxy Nexus 4, Notes and Notes 2 (in Ganer all Android phones that come packed with a recovery menu mode)

Credit @ XDA Developers

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to Remove Preinstalled apps from year Android phone without root

How can uninstall the pre-installed applications on an Android phone without root

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