How can we uninstall / delete all modern applications preinstalled from User Account in Windows 8

Not all users Windows 8 are excited modern applications, And most likely they choose them uninstall those who come Preinstalled cu OSBut uninstall them using conventional methods not only make them disable, While they still occupy space. And when it is created new user account the system, he will again have all modern applications actively.


If you are among users who have not yet understood for modern applications and want to get rid of the prinstalate in that you want to completely remove the systemThen follow the instructions below.

How to completely uninstall the modern applications preinstalled from Windows 8?

  • in Start Screen enter powershellThen right click on the displayed result, namely Windows Powershell, And select from the options displayed at the bottom of the display Run as administrator

open windows powershell

  • window Windows Powershell type the following command to List all modern applications preinstalled Windows 8



  • then type the following command to delete / uninstall all applications Modern preinstalled

Get-AppXProvisionedPackage-online | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage-online

And that's it. Modern applications will be completely removed, And will not appear nor create new users.

If you wish to Modern uninstall preinstalled applications just for your user, Or another user in the system, Use the following commands:

  • Get-AppXPackage | Remove-AppxPackage   to uninstall applications from the current user
  • Get-AppXPackage -User | Remove-AppxPackage    to uninstall advanced preinstalled applications from a specific user account (where replace it with User name or)

And if you want to uninstall the modern applications preinstalled in Windows 8 of all user accounts in the systemBut you want them to be active if you create another user, the command is:

Get-AppxPackage-AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage


STEALTH SETTINGS - How to remove all preinstalled modern apps from Windows NOT a User Account

How can we uninstall / delete all modern applications preinstalled from User Account in Windows 8

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