How can we use zoom only on certain portions of the screen in OS X

Operating System OS X includes a series of accessibility options dedicated people with vision or hearing. In many cases, however, most of these options may be helpful to others Mac users. For example, if you want to examine more closely some -items on the screen (portions of pictures, icons etc.), have handy option Zoom that allows users to increase the portion of the screen through a the keyboard shortcut or by trackpad.

How can we give zoom only certain portions of the screen in OS X?

  • open System Preferences (Menu Apple) And click on Accessibility
  • the left side of the open window, select Zoom
  • Then, on the right, check Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom si Use modifier keys to scroll gesture with zoom (This allows the use zoom with a mouse or trackpad)

zoom osx

  • to display increased content of a portion of the screen right next to the mouse pointer in the right click on the Zoom Style Picture-in-picture

A quicker way to access option Zoom in OS X is to use key combinations Command + Option + F5. This shortcut will open a Accessibility panel summary, where you can activate options the use of zoom using the keypad or trakpad community.


Please note: If you wish to use zoom using the keyboard shortcuts, Use the key combination Command + Option + Draw (=) For a large portion of the screen, select (zoom in), And use the key combination Command + Option + Minus (-) To give the Zoom out.If Want to use zoom with the help mouse or trackpad, Press and hold Control and use scrolling to give zoom in or Zoom out.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to use zoom to magnify only parts of the screen in OS X

How can we use zoom only on certain portions of the screen in OS X

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