How can we improve the wireless signal of the router in Windows

If you use a WiFi router to connect to Internet and live in a crowded area (eg a building), most likely you've noticed that PC Your intercepts signals from several wireless networks (Ie neighbors), and not just from your Sometimes when you have problems with the signal router, the explanation could be channel congestion that this is done. Although not guarantee that will provide a channel change Faster connection (Depends on ISP and plan purchased), at least wireless signal the router will be stronger.

most WiFi routers still use tape 2.4GHz (All versions WiFi, including 802.11n, Opereza between frequencies 2400MHz si 2500MHz; WiFi version 802.11acLaunched last year, the band uses 5GHzBut few routers have adopted this band until now), which is divided into 14 channels every 20MHz each overlapping one over the other so as to fit into the 100MHz available.


The channels used by routers are 1, 6 si 11 (One of these channels is selected automatically by the router to create wireless network, Because they do not overlap). But if in the same area are more WiFi networks using the same channel, it will affect the signal congestion router.

How to find out what is the best channel for your wireless network?

If you are using WindowsYou can find quite easily that channels use wireless networks neighbors using utility WifiInfoView, Thus being able to choose the least crowded channel for your network

VifiInfoView is a free utility si portable (No installation required), developed by Nirsoft, By means of which users Windows I know some details about both WiFi network own, and about WiFi networks around it.

After you download archive with the application, extract it and run the file content exe. Soon will display a WiFi Networks list Nearby, containing besides this name, MAC addresses, signal strength, router manufacturer etc., and channels that they transmit wireless signal. Depending on the number of networks, you can select (preferably between channels 1, 6 si 11, But also 13 si 14 options can be quite plausible) the least crowded channel (in this case, both the channel 1 and also 6 are quite busy, extra channels are used and 2, 5, 8 and 9 overlapping them; although 8 si 9 channel overlap and over 11It is the least crowded, so the most suitable).


Download WifiInfoView.

How do I change the channel a WiFi router?

If you do not know router address (Which you can use to configure for it), open a Command Prompt and type ipconfig. Address by which you can access router settings is identical to that for Default Gateway.


Once you know router address, Open a browser and type http://<default_gateway> in the address bar (if Default Gateway is type in in the address bar). Most likely you will be prompted to enter a user and password to access the router settings.

router authentication

If they have not been modified by you or the person who set up the router initially, most likely will be a combination of admin si empty space (Usually they are admin for user and password blank space, or admin for user and admin for the password, to find exactly the combination, you can search router model on your Google).

In router settings, under Internet Setup/wireless Settings, select channel desired dropdown next ChannelThen click on Save or Apply (Depending on the router, it may require a restart).

router settings

And ready. After you make these settings (ie after you choose wireless channel the least crowded), you will notice that WiFi signal the router it will be stronger, which will improve (in some measure) and internet connection.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to improve WiFi router signal in Windows

How can we improve the wireless signal of the router in Windows

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