How to insert a Youtube video in a Ms file PowerPoint 2013

Sometimes when creating Powe presentationsrPoint is required inserting of videos for the submission to be complete or to express exactly what we want. Although inserting a video clip on the Internet is possible in earlier versions of MS Office (In Office 2010 must look first video onlineTo copy code its for EmbedThen go to the file PowerPoint in Insert> Video> Video from Web Site and give paste previously copied code) in Office 2013 it is much simpler and can search the desired video YouTube directly from PowerPoint.

So, how do we insert a video from Youtube in a presentation PowerPoint in MS Office 2013?

  • open a file PowerPoint 2013 and click on the tab Insertion
  • then click on Video and select Online Video
insert video online
  • where is the first time you insert a video on YouTube, You must first add the site as provider lower-left corner of the dialogue open
  • After which YouTube have added the provider, Enter the terms you wish to search in this field of law
  • then, from the results shown, select a clip on which it insert into the presentation

And ready. In this way you can insert any video on Youtube in your presentation PowerPoint in Office 2013. Success!

Note: Keep in mind that you insert videos into presentations come bundled with its own setting options, so it is enough to insert them, but to the set so that it fits properly in the presentation.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to insert a YouTube video in a PowerPoint 2013 file

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