How can we change the unit of line (ruler) in MS Word 2010 / 2013

When working on some Word documentsIt is necessary to measure edges or tabs or paragraphs of those documents using various Units, Such as inches or inches. In Word 2010 si Word 2013Users can Change to that one line (Ruler) of options the application.

ruler Word

If you would like to and change the unit of the line in WordFollow the instructions below.

How do I change the unit of the line in MS Word (or 2010 2013)?

  • open a Word document and click on the tab Fillet (Upper left corner)


  • in the menu select Options


  • in dialogue Word Options displayed, click on Advanced (Left)


  • right side of the dialog, give scroll down until you reach the section displayThen select unit of measure desired option line in the right Show measurements in units of


And ready. Thus you can Change to the line in Word whenever you need it.

In case of line is not displayed in Word documentsClick on the tab View and check the box next to Ruler.


Then follow the instructions above to Change to After pereferintele your Success!

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to modify the ruler measurement units in MS Word 2010 / 2013

How can we change the unit of line (ruler) in MS Word 2010 / 2013

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