How can we prevent the automatic restart of Windows 8 after installing updates Windows

I do not know which other preferences users Windows, But I one I like to have control over my operating systemAnd held here diverging small Microsoft. Such that Windows 8 se restart automatically after installing updates Windows, Which can be quite irritating in most cases. Even if Automatic installation de updates Windows is scheduled for a time that probably should not bother, it's clear that if you leave your computer on leave for a reason, and it can restart interrupted completion plea.


For users who want to prevents automatic restart of Windows 8 after installation System updates There are two native utilities through which can be solved: Group Policy Editor or registry Editor.

Disable automatic restart after Windows Update with Grop Policy Editor

  • open Group Policy Editor (type: gpedit.msc in Start Screen)

open gpedit

  • navigate to Computer Configuration> Administrative Template> Windows Component> Windows Update


  • in the right pane double-click the entry No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations
  • in window settings, select Enabled then click on OK


Disable automatic restart after Windows Update with Registry Editor

  • open Run (Windows +R), Type regedit and give OK

open regedit

  • navigate to key site HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \Windows
  • in the left pane, under Windows, Create the subkey WindowsUpdateAnd under WindowsUpdate create subkey AU


  • under AUIn the right pane, create the DWORD entry NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers, Which then give value 1


This change registry va prevent automatic restart of Windows 8 After installation, updates their system.

Note: Before making changes to the Group Policy Editor and / or Registry Editor is recommended to create a restore point or a backup of the registry.

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How can we prevent the automatic restart of Windows 8 after installing updates Windows

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