How can we program the computer with Windows to close itself at a certain time, when not in use

Although many users Windows they get used to leaving computers turned on even when not in front of them, and there are plenty of people who prefer to leave them to rest, especially if you intend to never to use them for a certain period. For example, if you prefer to shut down your computer at night, but it is happening often enough to sleep with it on, the easiest would be to programmed system to give his shutdown at a certain time, if it is not used.

How we schedule Windowsto automatically shutdown at certain times when not in use?

  • open Task Scheduler (type: scheduler in Start Menu or Start Screen) And click option Create Task the right side (below Actions)


  • choose a name for the task you want to create, then click the appropriate option HIGHEST run with privileges the bottom of the window (required for the task created can execute closing system)

Task name

  • select tab TriggersThen click on New and set a pray convenient automatic shutdown your PC (eg every night at 1: 30)

Task trigger

  • select tab Actions and click on NewThen type shutdown in the field below Program / script si /s in the field of law add arguments


  • select tab Conditions and check the option Start the task only if the computer is idle forThen enter time desired (eg 30 minutes) in the field next to it; also select and how long you want to pass before the PC to enter idle (Eg 1 hour), and, optionally, check and options Stop if the computer ceases to be idle (If later you return to your PC) and Restart if the idle state resumes


  • if you want the task to restart when it is not running (for example, if you use the computer after the time it is scheduled to shut down, you can set the task to restart several times, after certain intervals, until it is run) , in the tab Settings tick Fails if the task, restart EveryThen enter time to which you want the task to restart and restart it whenever you want


And ready. After you perform settings above, computer will automatically closes at the time of your scheduled, but only if it is idle in time.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Set up your own Windows PC to shutdown at a specified time, but only when you're not using it

How can we program the computer with Windows to close itself at a certain time, when not in use

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