How can we protect a Windows folder with password without using third-party applications

If you have personal computer private files you feel that you need to protect other users of the computer curiosity, one solution would be to tighten those files in a single folder and then block access thereto by means of a passwords. The methods that allow blocking access to a Windows folder with a password involves using a third-party softwareBut if you want to use such a program, you can block access to that folder via a simple scriptThat you can create yourself

How can we protect a Windows folder with password without using third-party applications?

  • First, create a new folder (Eg STH), which will serve as host folder the folder that you will protect the password


  • Then open a text file (Text Document) And give copy / paste This code below
clsECHO OFF title Folder Staff 
if EXIST "Locker" goto UNLOCK if NOT EXIST Staff goto MDLOCKER: CONFIRM echo Are you sure you Want to lock the folder (Y / N) set / p "cho =>" if% cho% == Y goto LOCK if% cho% == y goto LOCK if% cho% = = n goto END if% cho% == N goto END echo Invalid choice. goto CONFIRM: LOCK ren Staff "Locker" attrib + h + s "Locker" echo Folder locked goto End: UNLOCK echo Enter password to unlock folder set / p "pass =>" if NOT% pass% == PASSWORD goto FAIL attrib-H-S "Locker" ren "Locker" Staff 
echo Folder Unlocked Successfully goto End: FAIL echo Invalid password goto end: MDLOCKER md Staff 
threw out Staff Successfully created goto End: End
  • After you copy the code above into the text file open, change PASSWORD cu password you want to use to block access personal folder; then save text file under the name locker.bat (Extension . Beat is essential for script to run!) In host folder previously created (in this case STH)


  • double-click the script . Beat to create folder will be password protected (The folder will be called Staff; if you want to call it otherwise, change its name in script)


  • after creation Personal folder, Open that folder and move it all the files you want to protect
  • then close the folder and give again double-click on the file locker.bat to block access to it: a message will be displayed Are you sure you Want to lock the folder <Y / N>; type Y then let Enter to block access to personal folder


  • you will notice that the folder will disappear
  • run script . Beat again and enter your password set to access the folder, then give Enter


  • If you enter correct passwordFolder Staff will be displayed again; if you enter wrong passwordScript simply closes (if you forget the password used, give right click the file locker.bat and select Modifier; script will be opened as text file and you can view password set lock folder)

Another way to access personal folder without introducing password is to make visible protected system files accessing folder Options (In Windows Explorer click on Organize> Folder and search options). In tab ViewUntick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and click on OK (Confirm that you want to display protected system files). Protected folder will be listed under the name LockerBut the acces This is the unrestricted.


STEALTH SETTINGS - How to password protect a Windows folder without using third-party apps

How can we protect a Windows folder with password without using third-party applications

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