How can we reactivate Charms Bar in Windows 10

Beside modern interface in style metro a Windows 8One of the novelties brought by this operating system It was and Charms Bar, Through which users can access both System settings and also application settings installed in it, and other functions such as Search si Share.

In Windows 10 but Charms Bar is disabled in mode default (The settings of modern applications can be accessed but by clicking on those three horizontal dots located in the upper left corner thereof) and although most users Windows 8 Consider this menu as irritant (the main reason being how it was accessed by placing the mouse cursor in over the top-right or bottom-right of the screen) and most likely enjoy to see him removed from the system, and users who either They were accustomed to his presence, or even consider it as the fastest way application access settings installed in the system (and not only).

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How To Reactivate Charms Bar In Windows 10 Technical Preview?

Although in the way default Charms Bar disabled in Windows 10 Technical Previewthis feature has not been completely removed from the system, users who want to reactivate it can do this using a simple utilities, named PopCharms.

PopCharms is a free using carueia users Windows 10 Technical Preview can Reactive Charms menu (Displays a menu application does not own and / or custom, but simply restores the original menu), it can be accessed right wing leading edge cursor in the screen. Importantly for modern applications, Placing the cursor in the right side of the screen does not open the Charms Bar site itself, but Settings menu (Settings Charm) for those.

Download PopCharms for Windows 10.

Note: The application is compatible with the Technical Preview version of Windows 10 and it is unclear whether PopCharms will work for its final version as well (it is possible that the Charms Bar feature will be completely removed from the system in that version).

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STEALTH SETTINGS - Bring back Charms Bar in Windows 10

How can we reactivate Charms Bar in Windows 10

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