How can we recover Recycle Bin in Windows Vista

Since its release, users Vista tested on my skin differences between this and previous operating system, such as Windows XP or 2000. In most cases it was the improvements made to the system, but some features that Vista has are as unexpected as it is plus in. One of these options would be to delete Recycle Bin.


Confused with the option to empty the bin Recica (Empty Recycle Bin) Or used only out of curiosity to find out what makes this option many people surprised to discover that after using it, Disappears from the system Recycle BinNot only on the PC monitor. Recovery solution is very simple, no need to reinstall the operating system, only a few clicks. From the displayed menu button Start, Click on control Panel, Select the category Appearence and Personalizationthen Personalization. On the left side of the window you will see the option open "Change desktop icons", Click on it, check the Recycle Bin and then click OK. Recycle Bin will appear again on your monitor and be ready to collect all files that you think you do not need until a new evaluation: P.

Another way, faster, reaching "Desktop Icon Settings" is to give search on "desktop" in cpanel box, then click on "Show or hide common icons on the desktop".


How can we recover Recycle Bin in Windows Vista

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