How to recover the full capacity (GB that no longer appear) of a USB Stick (Flash Drive) - Recover USB Stick Full Capacity

The problem lies in the following way. We have a USB memory (flash drive or USB stick) With a capacity of 8 GBIn which the system no longer than Devem few MB. It happens very often that, and USB stick's format is no solution. This storage space apparently just disappear.

In our case, we have a Kingston USB memory 8GB, of which in the system (Windows 10), We do not see than 199 MB total capacity. And they busy 10 MB, even if the USB stick is not stored any file.

kingston usb flash drive

If I The format of this USB stickIn any format (NTFS, FAT32, FAT:), The result will be the same. Remains missing a good deal of storage space.
The only solution to recover missing storage space from a USB memory is a set of commands under Command Prompt.

Recover USB Stick Full Capacity - Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, Windows 10

open Command Prompt (CMD) with Administrator rights, then we execute the set of commands:


After the "LIST DISK" command, the shock units connected to the system will appear. Including hard drive. Here we must be a little careful, because in the next command, we will select the flash drive we want to recover. If we accidentally select with an external hard drive or PC hard drive, we are in danger of losing all data.

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In our tutorial, “Disk 1"Is the affected one, to whom we want to recover the entire storage space.


Once completed these steps, the entire storage capacity will be available again on USB Flash Drive.

Kingston Flash Drive

We do not know exactly what causes the storage space to disappear sometimes, but it seems that after repeated connections to a Linux or OS X operating system, all the storage space below is no longer visible. Windows.

Recover USB Stick Full Capacity

How to recover the full capacity (GB that no longer appear) of a USB Stick (Flash Drive) - Recover USB Stick Full Capacity

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  • hello, here's what I was about to install a 10 pro win from microsoft.
    I installed windowsul and it works great..just the problem is that I only have 2 partitions of 50gb each but my total hard drive has 1 tera… I can't manage to find the other gigabytes so to speak..I tried your tutorial above..but it doesn't work .If you could help me it would be great…
    Too bad I can't send you a picture… in short of 1 tera hard I was left with 100 gb .. what to do?

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