How can reinstall OS X using Internet Recovery

If you are using Poppy and you want to reinstall OS System X on it, but do not have setup files and either a partition recoveryYou can do this via the web feature Internet Recovery. Unlike reinstall the system partition Recovery Internet Recovery install the default version of OS XIe the purchase Mac version preinstalled on it (if you bought your Mac with OS X Mavericks on it and you upgraded to OS X YosemiteVersion Recovery System will be reinstated via Internet Mavericks).

How to reinstall OS X via Internet Recovery?

  • On or restart your Mac and press the key combination Command + Option + R right after startup sound (if logo Apple appears, you have waited too long and you have to restart Mac again)
  • where Mac you can not access networks saved in the system, an option will appear that will ask you online at a WiFi network


  • then the screen will display Starting Internet RecoveryWhich can track the progress Download System setup files (this may take a few minutes at least an hour, depending on the connection)


  • after download OS systemWill display the screen OS X UtilitiesFrom which select Reinstall OS X (or Install OS X If you have not installed any Mac system when using Internet Recovery, or it is not detected) to start resettlement process the sistmului


Reinstalling OS X via Internet Recovery is quite simple to perform, but can take some time, given that files required are downloaded the local directly from the servers Apple.

Note: Before using this method of reinstalling OS X, make a backup of the system case.

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How can reinstall OS X using Internet Recovery

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