How can we restore gadgets from Windows 7 in Windows 10

Introduced for the first time Microsoft products in Windows Vista, gadgets for desktop they had a rather short life, being integrated in only two versions of OS (The latter being Windows 7), Then be removed completely with the launch Windows 8, On security grounds (Microsoft also launched three years ago a utility which enables users Windows 7 to uninstall This feature of the system).

Although some of the information displayed gadgets in previous systems are now available in their live tile of some applications of Windows 8/8.1 si Windows 10 (For example, the application Weather), They can be accessed only in Start Screen or Start Menu. If you recently upgraded from Windows 7 la Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 and you are lacking gadgets for desktop, You can reinstall these gadgets in the system using third-party application Windows Desktop Gadgets.


Windows Desktop Gadgets is a free application with which users can install all native gadgets from Windows 7 in the systems Windows 8 and Windows 10 (apart from gadgets default, users can install over 500 others custom gadgets clicking on the link Get more gadgets online). In addition, the application is integrates perfect system, this restoring both options Gadgets from right-click menu on Desktop si Show desktop Gadgets the sub-menu View, and also settings for gadgets control Panel (Appearance and Personalization).


Other features Windows Desktop Gadgets:

  • support for all languages Windows 8 si Windows 10 (Application automatically detects the language of the operating system)
  • integrate into Windows Search (Including compatibility with custom Start menus, such as Classic Shell or Start is Back)

Download Windows Desktop Gadgets.

Note: Another third-party application that brings gadgets back into Windows 8 / 8.1 is 8GadgetPack, this being compatible with Windows 10 Technical Preview.

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How can we restore gadgets from Windows 7 in Windows 10

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