How can we restrict access to Registry Editor in Windows 8/8.1

When the computer Your personal Windows 8/8.1 have access to other users outside of your (family members, friends or colleagues), most likely do not wish that they could do changes in files or registry system. To prevent this, the easiest would be to block access their editing tool sites a System settings available Windows. Of these s tool systemPerhaps the most important is registry EditorThrough which users can changes to the system registry in order to customize system or add / deactivate features thereof. But change is a risk to the system registry, because the slightest mistake or carelessness can result in errors serious and long lost (and sometimes reinstall the system or loss of data important). If you want to protected Windowsul such risky interventions from other users of the system can restrict access to Registry Editor following the instructions below.

How we restrict access to Registry Editor (regedit) in Windows 8.1?

To block access to other users of the system to registry Editor you have two ways: one through Local Group Policy Editor (For the systems of this tool is available) or by means of registry Editor (Second method involves creating different user, without administrative rights, for other users you have Windows, considering that blocking their access to regedit is a administrator account, If other users have access to the administrator account will have access to the Registry Editor and other system utilities).

1. Using Group Policy Editor

  • open Run (Windows + R) And type gpedit.mscThen give Enter
  • in the left pane, navigate to User Configuration > administrative Templates > System
  • then in the right pane, under System, Identify entry Prevent access to registry editig tools and double-click it
  • in the input settings window, select Enabled then click on Apply si OK


Note that this method will block access to all users in Registry EditorIncluding your access (to regain access regeditFollow the steps above and select not Configured or Disabled).

2. Using Registry Editor

If your version of Windows does not include the Group Policy Editor or you want you can use your Registry Editor tool still, even after other users block access to it, then use this method:

  • First Login to the Administrator account (Or your website if that user has administrative rights), then open Run, type regedit and give Enter
  • in the left pane navigate to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \Windows\ CurrentVersion \ Policies \System
  • in the right pane, under System, Identified DWORD entry DisableRegistryTools and change its value from 0 in 1


  • then Close Registry Editor and Log out on account Administrator

After you make these changes, other users whenever they want to accesses Registry Editor will be greeted by the message Registry Editing disabled by your administrator HAD been. Success!

Note: Before making changes to the system registry, create a backup of them to prevent errors in the system.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Restrict access to Registry Editor in Windows 8/8.1

How can we restrict access to Registry Editor in Windows 8/8.1

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