How can we restrict the use of mobile Internet applications in iOS 7

Last month Apple OS launched iOS 7Which came bundled with many changes, including a completely different interface from the system previous, And a number of New Sites feature Interestingly enough, including the ability applications to run in background. In addition, the new system, it may be automatically update (Without requiring user intervention) using Internet connection used to iOS devices.

While some users think this feature as welcome (especially by those who have access to an almost permanent Wi-Fi) Are enough and those who do not want the application to use mobile internet to make updatesEspecially if we talk about a limited plan thereof (in which case use mobile data by applications may cause costs that they want to avoid).

Fortunately, Apple anticipated and included in this iOS settings 7 and the ability to restrict individual mobile data use by applications installed in the system.

How to prevent applications from using 7 iOS mobile Internet connection?

If your and you're among iOS users 7 who want to restrict the use of mobile internet applications installed in the system, you can do this fairly simple Settings > Cellular, Which lists all applications that use this type of connection to auto-update.


That list can identify applications that are large Data-consuming (As each application is displayed in the list individual consumption thereof), and you can restrict their access to the mobile internet using radio buttons displayed on the right.


Also, if you want to restrict the application running in background in iOS 7You can do this by following the instructions here.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to restrict apps from iOS Using mobile Internet on 7

How can we restrict the use of mobile Internet applications in iOS 7

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