How can we return to the default settings Windows Security

Because of changes made in Registry of various applications installed and uninstalled the system, and especially because various viruses (Or other malware) Who visited our computers, it happens from time to time have trouble accessing certain folders / partitions ("you do not have the permission to access this... ") Or even find ourselves unable to perform changes in system files (Disabled Registry), Plus various other errors. These problems are mostly caused by changes in the Windows Security, Most of them are made of third program (Usually malicious) without us having any idea.

Rizon Security Restore is a portable application (No installation required) to solve such errors, restoring security settings of Windowscommunity values default. Thus, every time you encounter dubious messages when you want to access certain folders / files, you just have to use this free application to reset Windows Security.


How to use Rizon Security Restore?

  • download application and then double-click on it to run it
  • close any other programs you have open and click on the button Go to start the reset process (usually it takes ~ 5 min)
  • once Windows Security returns to the default settings, you can access any folder / file that were inaccessible before restoration. Also, if met before installation errors - installation failed message - Of certain programs (eg antiviruses), Rizon Security Restore will solve this problem.

Note: This application is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

How can we return to the default settings Windows Security

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