How can we solve the problem of low brightness on laptop screen

A problem recently encountered on a laptop Lenovo, From the range IdeaPad, Gave us few headaches.
Symptoms are as follows: Low display brightness and the impossibility of controlling light intensity in any way. Even though the light indicator looks like it is at maximum intensityon you could barely see anything, and the intensity could not be controlled at all. neither macwould from the keys F11 si F12.

In most situations this problem of low brightness of the laptop screen occurs after a update the driver al Integrated video cards. Intel HD Graphics. In our case, it was Intel HD Graphics 4000, which after a update as a driver, he left us in the dark.

Low light laptop resolution

The simplest solving would be to Reinstall the original video driver. You can do it unload From the manufacturer's site (Lenovo in our case). At the time of installation I will let you know that you already have a newer video driver. Ignore this message and go with Driver installation In continuation. Even during the installation, you will see that the display light returns to normal, and the brightness settings start working again. After completing the installation, restart the system.

You can do this on a dim light of the display, it is advisable to work on it in a dark room or if you have TeamViewr to do this in remote on another PC or laptop.

To prevent a new one update HD Graphics driver, go to settings Windows Update and set that updateURLs Do not do it automatically and allow you to choose what you want to update. Check with us updateand if it appears update Graphic driver, uncheck this update.

Fix notebook dim brightness.

Tested on Lenovo laptop with Windows 8, but the problem is also known Windows 8.1 si Windows 10.

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  1. Thank you very much for this tutorial, thousands of thanks! Respect! I finally solved the problem that still made me sick.

  2. Per chi non avesse ancora risolto il problema della bassa luminosity dello schermo del Lenovo z500, si la colpa è dei driver, però non vi cervellate tanto, non so se qualcuno ha già postato questo methodo, il guaio quando si fanno i fari gli aggiornamento and you will touch the brightness adjustment with f-11+f12 keys.
    Turn off your PC by pressing and holding the f12 key, and you will see that the light is bright, you will see the beautiful illuminated Lenovo screen, you can leave the f12 key, and that's it.
    Provare per credere, un salutone a tutti

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