How can we access from Mac the shared folders of a Windows PC from LAN

macOS si Windows there are two completely different operating systems. Both from the point of view of many features and operational, the two operating systems developed by Apple and Microsoft use different architectures, respectively. Despite the differences, they can be accessed one after the other in a local area network (LAN). If we work on Mac but we need to access files stored in directories on a Windows PC, these can be accessed through the local network. The condition is that Windows PC to allow access to its files in the local network. To be shared. Share.

How can we access from Mac the shared folders of a Windows PC from LAN

The first step is to We enable sharing printers and files in the local network pe Windows 10 si to share them.

How to share a folder / directory on Windows 10 to be visible on the local area network (LAN)

Pe Windows we have the possibility to share one or more folders, one or more partitions, partitions of external hard drives attached, Printer, scanners or partitions created by connecting a cameras. Before you can share a directory or device, you must we make Windows PC visible in the local network. We go to “Settings”→“Network and Sharing Center”→“Advanced Sharing settings"→ activate"Network discovery"And"File and Printer Sharing".

After saving these settings, all we have to do is go to the folder or partition we want to share, we do right click on it, click "Properties", Click on the tab"Sharing".

Next, in the box that opens we click on "Advanced Sharing", Then we follow the steps in the following image:

In our scenario we shared the folder "Stealth”. We have set access to "permissions" for anyone on the local network. Here you can choose from the last dialog box specific users from the local network, for which you can set control the files in the shared folder. You can choose to give rights for read, change or full access. Click "Apply”And“ OK ”to save the changes. At this point, the folder is shared and visible in the LAN.

The next step is accessing from Mac of folders and printers shared on the local network by a Windows PC.

1. Access the directory where we see the local network. "Network". Go to “Menu Bar” → “Go” → “Network” or press “Shift + Command + K ”to access.

Here we will see the name of the computer with Windows PC.

Click on it, and the dialog box that opens, enter the user Windows and its associated password. If Windows 10 has user with password. You can also choose the connection as "Guest".

Click "Connect". At this point you will see in the Finder the shared folders / directories on Windows 10. Depending on the permissions set to Windows 10 you will have access to modify, delete or create new ones.

In a future tutorial I will show you how to share folders and directories on macOS and how you can access them from Windows PC. Due to the security restrictions imposed by Apple, this is a little more complicated than on Windows.

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