How can we disable Taskbar Thumbnails Preview in (Windows 7 Group Policy Type)

taskbar it is feature introduced operating with the launch business systems microsoft . This option maintained by Microsoft operating systems (With some improvements) to preview in windows help lower open applications in (Or taskbar, In Romanian). Happen by simply hover over the icons in the taskbar applications.


If after a year and a half will show how to speed up thumbnail-sized preview with one registry hack ( Hack), today I will show you how you can disable this option.

Disable Taskbar Thumbnails Preview in Windows 7

This method requires a small change in Windows Therefore tell you that you must be very careful. Even if there going to see some possible options that you arouse curiosity is good to document before modifying it.

To disable the preview windows in Windows Taskbar 7, you must follow a few simple steps.

1. First you have to open Group Policy Editor. Press the keys Win + R to open the Run Box.

2. In the Run Box type gpedit.msc and press Enter or click on OK.

Windows Run box 7

3. In Group Policy Editor go to the menu on the left to:

User Configuration - Administrative Templates - Start Menu and Taskbar

Then click the Start Menu and Taskbar left, on the right you will see a list of settings. You will have to look and make double-click on Turn off taskbar thumbnails.


4. In the window that opens, under "Turn off taskbar thumbnails"Tick option"Enable".


5. click Apply to save your changes, then click OK.

Once made these changes when passing the cursor over open applications in the task bar, or not turning up previw icons.

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How can we disable Taskbar Thumbnails Preview in (Windows 7 Group Policy Type)

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