How can we untie Intel Inside, Windows, or NVIDIA stickers from the laptop casing

Intel or AMD stickers or those that tell us what operating system the device is, are present on almost all laptops. Dell, HP, Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc brand. In most cases, they are placed on the dashboard near the keyboard so that whenever the user opens the laptop's flap, they do not forget what type of processor is under the casing, what the video card has and which operating system is running . Exceptions to the "stamp" with the sticker are made by Apple's laptops. On MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air you will not see any stickers stuck on the casing.
Pe iHowTo.Tips is an article Which explains why these are not found on Apple's devices and why they are present on other laptop models.

Unsurprisingly exposed to degradation over time (especially when they are clear in easy-to-reach areas when typing), these are a nuisance when we try to remove them from the casing. During the stripping process scratches may appear on the surface of the casing, and if we finally remove the sticker, we remain with a hard-to-remove glue.
Removal of such a sticker can be done in several ways, Depending on the material from which the laptop case is madeacquis. Before you start working, we advise you to do so only if the bugs are very degraded or if your laptop is new. After a while, even the complete removal of the sticks leaves traces on the casing. Especially plastic ones, of white material. The white plastic, in time, begins to get a yellowish color, and if we remove the sticker, we will notice that traces remain in the place where it was glued.

Unaesthetic. So it's best to undo the sticks when your laptop is new.

How can we untie Intel Inside, Windows, or NVIDIA stickers from a laptop case?

It is best to use a hard plastic scraper that does not scratch the case. It starts from a corner of the sticker. Once a piece of paper has been cleared off enough to catch the fingers with our fingers, we pull slowly, but with force, until we get away from it. Do not use knife blades, screwdrivers, or other metal objects that can damage the casing.
In most cases, after sticking the sticker remains glue on the casing. And this is quite difficult to remove, but not impossible. Use wet wipes with alcohol and rub the area until the glue is removed. It may take good minutes.
Another option is Using a dishwashing detergent. Do not use strong detergents such as bathtub, toilet, sink or ceramic tiles. The latter may damage the plastic of the carcass or even the aluminum.

The result looks like this:

Of course, not only these two are the sure methods. If you have other suggestions or if you have tried other methods that have worked out, we are waiting for your comments. :-)

How can we untie Intel Inside, Windows, or NVIDIA stickers from the laptop casing

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