How can we see the remaining battery on MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 [Battery Time Remaining]

Near the halfway December last year, Apple released an update very important for MacOS Sierra. Besides bugs fixes and improvements inMacOS Sierra 10.12.2Apple decided to remove battery charge indicatorWhen the MacBook is not connected to a power source.
So people using the battery remaining time indicator (Battery Time Remaining) From the menu bar, you will not be able to enjoy this function.

I do not know exactly the reasons why Apple decided to give up this option. It is speculated hardware for new MacBook would no longer allow time reporting of battery autonomy.
It is true that this report does not have the autonomy 100% accuracy, but users could get an idea of ​​their working time remained available.

After this option was eliminated from battery status, There are a number of applications for MacOS to show the remaining time of the battery. A simpler solution is to see "Battery Time Remaining" in Activiry Monitor application that is present on all MacOS.

As we can see Battery Time Remaining in Sierra MacOS

All you have to do is to open utility Activity Monitor and go to the tab "Energy"

In the bottom of a utility to see the battery status. Percentage of energy left, time left and how long is running on battery.

For this tutorial I used a MacBook Pro (mid. 2012) with MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 is as you learn Battery Remaining time on the MacBook Air or MacBook.

How can we see the remaining battery on MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 [Battery Time Remaining]

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