How can we see the hidden files from Windows 10 (Show Hidden Files in Windows 10)

Normally we wouldn't have much to hide files on Windows PC, unless someone else besides us has access to the computer, on the same user.

It's good to know that Windows 10 pictures can be easily hidden, movie, videos, documents and other files, however, so that they are not found matters a lot and… how we hide them.

O very simple method of hiding files and folders on Windows 10, is the option "Hidden". Insufficiency, if who wants to see the hidden files on Windows 10, will read this tutorial.

Let's see first how to hide files and folders on Windows 10. 

1. Go to the folder you want to hide, right-click on it, click "Properties", Then in the box that opens check the option"Hidden".

2. We can choose the "hide" attribute only for the folder or for both the folder and subfolders and the files it contains. It is recommended to check the option "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files".

Hide folder in Windows
Hide folder in Windows

3. Click "Apply”And the folder will no longer be visible in File Explorer.

Folders in Windows 10
Folders in Windows 10

This is the easiest way to hide folders and files Windows 10, but also the most inefficient.

How can we see hidden folders and files (show hidden files and folders) the Windows 10. 

1. open File Explorer from taskbar or we simply open some folder.

2. We go to the top bar at “View", Then check the option"Hidden items".

Show hidden files in Windows
Show hidden files in Windows

After this step, the hidden folders and files will become visible. These will have slightly darker icons than normal ones. As can be seen in the "Movies" folder in the image above.

All you have to do next is search for hidden files using the search bar File Explorer. Search by extension to locate pictures, movies, videos, or documents hidden on Windows 10.

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